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The Korean largest
ebook aggregator

With approx. 50,000 available titles from about 800 Korean publishers, including major and independent publishers.

Integrated services

Including ebook conversion, audiobook production, distribution, metadata management(ONIX), and marketing & reporting. Multi-language metadata will be available soon.

Distribution Partners

Global retailer & wholesaler: OverDrive, Trajectory Local retailer & Wholesaler: Yes24, Ridibooks, Google Play Books, Kyobo Books, Aladin, Interpark Books, etc.

About KPC

KPC(Korea Publishing Contents) was founded in 2009, as a joint venture of 65 Korean publishers including major publishers for the support of small and medium publishers’ digital engagement, the achievement of the transparent ebook distribution process, and creating new opportunities in the Korean ebook market.  We provide integrated ebook services including conversion, distribution, critical marketing support, and contents management such as copyright protection, transparent sales report, and market trends and analytics.

We manage over 50,000 ebooks from about 800 Korean publishers and deliver content and metadata to 14 major Korean ebook retailers through DCM(Digital Contents Management) system instantly. Also, we provide ebooks to wholesalers for the Korean public & college libraries, enterprises, and new channels. 

In 2018, we expanded distribution channels to the international market and launched the global distribution platform, GKPC for the efficiency of a one-stop global distribution process between the Korean publishers and global partners. 

Thank you for your interest in GKPC service. If you have any questions about us, we will be always very happy to advise you. Please contact us.